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Scheduling Games

Scheduling games for the Riptide season can seem like a huge task to take on for a coach. Following these directions can help with the process and getting your teams scheduled Home on Home games.

Contacting Coaches to Schedule HoH

  • The list will contain at least 5 columns. (Age, Team, Class, Coach, Telephone)
  • Identify the age for your team, then your class. (First year coaches should be AA, if not notified otherwise)
  • This will identify the potential teams you can play HoH games against.
  • Text\call the telephone related to the team you would like to schedule and negotiate dates for play, then confirm location of Away game.


  • You do not have to have your field\times secure to schedule a game for Away. Take the scheduled away game and inform you will contact once you have more information.
  • Ensure you are are playing teams in your class. Playing teams above or below your identified class could result a blow-out. Some AAA and Majors teams may contact lower class teams to give 2nd and 3rd string pitchers some play. Confirm this is the case when playing up.
  • Be aware of fields that do not have lights. Games will be cut short or have to start early if you have no lights at the field.
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