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How do Sponsorships work?

Sponsorships are a way to provide a few things during your Riptide experience. It can bring down the total amount due for you and your child’s team, or advertise for a company that wants to support a non-profit with a tax write off.

In short, we have identified a threshold for assignment of funds directly to your child and to the team your child is on. Please see the details below.

Player Sponsorships

Basic form of sponsorship where typically friends and/or family can specify that they would like a sponsorship to directly benefit a player or players. This type of sponsorship is not eligible for any form of advertising or tax-deductible receipt from Waverly Riptide. Any tax deductions for this type of sponsorship are at the sole discretion of the donor.

Team Sponsorships

Sponsorships are available at 4 levels detailed in the Riptide Sponsorship flyer. Sponsorships of this type will directly benefit the team securing the sponsorship as well as the player directly involved in securing the sponsorship. The player securing a $1000 or $500 sponsorship is entitled to 15% of the total amount received. Riptide withholds an administrative fee to fulfill the sponsor gift obligations (detailed in the Riptide Sponsorship flyer) and the remainder is evenly divided among the team. Sponsorships in the $250 and $100 levels are evenly distributed to all players on the given team.

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