Riptide Baseball Expectations

Competitive baseball is a perfect outlet for players who have a self motivated desire to compete in general, and a love for baseball specifically. These types of players will enjoy their experience in the Riptide Select Baseball Program. Please read below so you can make your decision.

Skill Level

Again, select baseball is competitive. Your child should be in the top third of players of similar age levels before trying out for a select team. Coaches in select move quickly in an attempt to teach high level fundamentals and strategy allowing the team to compete more effectively. The Riptide Select Baseball Program takes pride in its development of players.

Playing Time

On a select team parents and players must be ready to focus on playing a position that helps the team. There is no guaranteed rotation of positions and not every child will be given the opportunity to be a pitcher, first baseman, etc. Playing time may not be equal amongst players. Some may play many more innings than others. The positions will be determined by the coaching staff with the goal being to maximize each player’s abilities and make the team competitive. If you choose to participate in the select program, you must support the team and commit to not being a source of conflict with the coaching staff. The Waverly Park & recreation program offers an outlet if you are looking for a better opportunity to have rotational lineups allowing each player a chance to be a pitcher, etc.


Coaches are expected to be fair and firm.  Team expectations and guidelines should and will take precedence over all other aspects.  A coach’s primary role in Riptide baseball is to help develop better baseball players and better boys/men.  A coach should be allowed to coach and should in turn coach the team in a fair manner while still demanding a high level of commitment and development from the players.

Time Commitment

Select teams require players to practice more often and play more often. The year usually lasts from January (practices) to July, while the park and rec program begins practice in April and finishes by early July.  Families are required to commit to spending additional time outside of formal team activities to help make their player better and in turn making the team better.


Select baseball fees are approximately $400-$700 per player depending on the age and will be paid in full prior to receiving your uniform, typically February or March the year of your season. This does not include out of town travel costs. Parents and players may also be asked to help support team costs via fundraising. As a select parent you are expected to help in any way possible with fundraising, sponsorship, etc.


Select baseball is competitive and a large time commitment due to numerous practices and games. The Riptide Select Baseball program takes pride in its development of players, but it is important for parents and players to understand this is a competitive league. The recreation program provides an opportunity to continue development of fundamental skills along with less of a time and financial commitment.

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