Waverly Riptide Baseball – 2023

2023 Riptide Commitment Form

Established in 2009, the Waverly Riptide Baseball Organization has a proud tradition of developing boys’ baseball skills, as well as a history of fielding competitive  teams that enjoy success both locally and regionally.  Even more importantly, the organization has a positive impact on the lives of young men in the community and their families.  Please fill out the commitment form below and submit your $150 commitment fee to your coach as soon as possible. This commitment fee goes towards your 2022 player fees.
When your player is offered a spot on the Waverly Riptide Baseball team and you accept the offer, you will be required to pay a commitment fee which may change from year to year. The commitment fee, for any reason is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Each year, a player's fee will have to be paid by each player and may change from year to year. There will be opportunities to pay this player's fee via fundraising or monthly payments by check. Player fees must be paid in full before uniforms are handed out. The Player Fee, for any reason is NON-REFUNDABLE.
All personal payments to the Waverly Riptide for a player's account must be made by personal check, money order, or PayPal (PayPal is optional, any transaction fees will be paid by payer). NO CASH!! All payments, for any reason are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Any and all fundraisers must be approved by the Waverly Riptide Board. At the discretion of the Waverly Riptide Board, fundraisers will be offered to each team or player(s). At the end of all fundraisers, a report showing expenses paid and the profit earned must be turned in to the Waverly Riptide Treasurer or Board along with all money raised and player(s) account(s) to be credited. There are no team accounts. All fundraising money must be turned in and deposited into the Waverly Riptide account. All money raised under the Waverly Riptide name, for any reason is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Our core concept is to conduct ourselves as good sportsmen and good members of our community. Swearing, throwing equipment, fighting, arguing with umpires, negative comments toward our team or opposing team members and any other non-sportsmanlike behavior by a coach, a player, or a player's parents is unacceptable. If after receiving a warning from one of the coaches, a player's unacceptable behavior persists, he will be subject to loss of playing time or possible expulsion from the team. Off the field conduct deemed detrimental to the team and/or Riptide organization will also be subject to loss of playing time, suspension, or possible expulsion from the team. This punishment may be in addition to punishments given out via other means if determined worthy by the Riptide organization.
It is very important to attend as many practices and games as possible. Your absence will not only be detrimental to your development as a baseball player, but also has an effect on the rest of the team's development. It is assumed that you understand the time involved with the commitment you have made by accepting a position on this team.
Playing time will be determined by the coaches using several factors. These factors will include game performance, practice performance, attitude, conduct and attendance. Besides teaching the game of baseball our objective as a team will be to play clean, play hard and to win games. Consequently, all factors being equal, the players that perform the best in games will experience the most playing time. The players sitting on the bench will be expected to participate in opposing team evaluations, statistics for the team, and any other reasonable activity relating to the on-going game upon coaches request.
Waverly Riptide will provide the following:
- One game jersey
- One pair of game pants
- One practice shirt/ secondary jersey
- One game hat.
Additional pants and shirts will be available but at the expense of the player. Batting helmets, cold weather under shirts, matching socks & belts will also be expected at the player’s expense.
All uniforms and apparel for Waverly Riptide must be approved by the board.
Waverly Riptide has a residency requirement, which means players must: (1) attend school within the District 145 School District or (2) live in the City of Waverly or District 145. Non-district residents may be accepted to help fill a roster when numbers allow. Non-district player situations can also be evaluated and approved by the Board of Directors.
Waverly Riptide has two main fundraising activities each year. The annual Riptide Golf Tourney and the Riptide Rumble baseball tournament. All Riptide families are expected to help make each event a success. The Golf tourney requires each family to contribute approximately 2 hours of work per player while the Riptide Rumble requires approximately 8 hours of volunteer time per player. These two events are not possible without the commitment and assistance of all Riptide families. By committing to playing, you are committing to helping our organization continue to thrive in the Waverly community.
By signing (typing your name) this Commitment form, you are saying you have read all pages and understand and agree to what you have read.

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